Narellan Hypoxi & Wellness Centre
Fitness Services
Narellan Hypoxi & Wellness Centre
Fitness Services
Unit 4, 6 Somerset Avenue, NARELLAN, NSW, 2567
At Narellan Hypoxi, our multi-award-winning status pushes us further to stay in front of the trends.

We are in the business of ultimate BODY- MIND & WELLNESS TRANSFORMATIONS.
We are Specialists of easy exercise and nutrition and we are preventing and reversing weight driven diseases.

We have actively been servicing the local community for 8.5 years helping them lose 1000’s cm + 1000’s of kilos proving we take what we do seriously and are not a passing fad.

We pride ourselves and our efforts in giving our clients one on one attention every-time and giving them a non- judgmental safe space to find their inner warrior and shine.
Changing people physically & mentally is empowering to the individual and also us as a team.

Our dedicated team has over 50 years of combined experience in the health and wellness industry and continually delivers knowledge, compassion, motivation, nutritional support, and friendship to all of our clients.

The treatments work with a passive exercise and vacuum therapy to target stubborn areas of fat and cellulite and are suited to most.

It's easy and only takes 30 mins 3 times per week and is proven to be 3 x as effective as traditional exercise.
With a team of 2 Qualified Coaches and a Private Boutique environment, exercise has never been so easy or so much fun.
It also offers the perfect solution to those that don't like the gym, are intimidated by it or physically can't do it. It allows people to feel good about themselves without incurring injury.

We are also very proud of the Gift With Purchase promotions we are able to offer including Australian & Overseas holidays, which isn't the normal. There are not many businesses that reward you with opulent gifts just for committing to yourself.

Our proud accomplishments are:
Just Announced 2020 FINALIST for Fitness in Small Business Awards (Gala Event in October for decision making)
2019 FINALIST Australian Aus-Mumpreneur Award -1 in 7 Australian Wide (Wellness & Wellbeing)
2019 FINALIST Small Business Awards in FItness
2019 FINALIST My Business Awards 1 in 10 Australian Wide in Fitness
2018 WINNER Small Business Award
2017 WINNER National Customer Service Award
2016/2017/2018 FINALIST Australian Small Business Champions Awards

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that your health is your optimum and most precious gift. Choose to look after your wellness, your vitality, your weight, and your nutrition.
Every successful human on the planet has a coach, let us be yours to lead you to optimum success. You don’t have to do it alone.
Those that invest in coaches get results faster.

Our main WHY is to comprehensively watch our success stories get better and better and give the community an exercise-based program that is safe, gentle, proven, easy and 3x as effective as traditional exercise.

Our client approach is personal and doesn't involve group training.
Clients get one on one attention every visit.

The 'State of the Art Technology' gives supreme results through the benefits of vacuum compression promoting lymphatic drainage, this, being the key element that gives our point of difference to normal exercise regimes and has proven the test of time of not being a fad but rather a go-to easier style of exercise and wellness.

The space in which we deliver our amazing results also gives every client the luxury of their own ME time, whether it be whilst gently pedaling, or being transported somewhere else while in a compression suit with 400 massage chambers, or actually falling asleep while enveloped in a warm infrared heat pad that burns calories whilst you rest.
We also have the luxury of space so social distancing can be done very easily, keeping our clients and our staff safe.

Exercise doesn't have to be hard and stressful to obtain amazing results.

Through the economic downturn, we have continued to find ways to innovate, offer amazing deals, and secure payment plans from as little as $3.50 per day.

We cater to women and men of all age groups and fitness levels whilst offering nutritional and motivational support through everyone's weight loss and wellness journey.

We have continued to serve the community in our quest against weight driven illness for the last 8 years and will continue to do so with new exciting packages just released.

We feel we are an Award-Winning business as we have continued to keep hundreds of locals motivated in beating their fitness, wellness, and weight issues in an environment they feel safe an un-exposed in. We have also implemented amazing payment plans that make it affordable to most.