Ms Tique - Professional Psychic Medium - Holistic Counsellor
Sole Operator
Northern Beaches
Ms Tique - Professional Psychic Medium - Holistic Counsellor
Sole Operator
Northern Beaches
Ms Tique is my spiritual name and I do more than just psychic readings.

I have had the true gift of seeing and speaking to Spirit since I was 3 years old and with now over 40 years of experience with Spirit Connections I have developed so much more here at Ms Tique.

I have overcome child abuse, domestic violence at its finest, endured many years in our legal system which has a lot to answer for. Suffered great loss from an early age along with living amongst very narcissistic and self entitled ungrateful people.
However, rose above it all to be able to encourage others and to deliver what I was born to do.
I have spent many years (after children had grown up) developing my skills by furthering my studies by completing some major Diploma's in Psychotherapy, Advanced Spiritual/Intuitive Healing, Advanced Tarot card reading and Advanced Professional Psychic, Advanced Psychotherapy and Grief Counselling, Empowerment Coaching and most recently Advanced Holistic Counselling.

I have also completed an Advanced Diploma in Sports Therapy and Remedial Massage.

Many years ago I completed my Beautician and Make up Artist Diploma which I still love to keep up with, with the latest trends and brands on the current market. I have also completed a partial Law Degree.

I am sure you would be asking what is "Professional Psychic Diploma?" This is made up with numerous subjects which include: Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Colour therapy, Tea leaf reading, Runes, Mediumship and so much more in the metaphysical industry. This Diploma was very extensive and took over 4 years.

I am very very blessed to be able to connect with Spirit and my channel is very sensitive to what others are feeling both emotionally and physically. Some messages come to me by way of a sense of “knowing” as well as from Spirit and my Spirit Guides - I am very fortunate to now have 3 spirit guides that are with me permanently and majority of the information I hear or see just seems right to me.

I have been told by clients that they are so blown away from my pin point accuracy. It can come totally out of the blue while reading the cards and normally when the client least expects it.

I am also an Empath - I feel with you and it makes connections very special.

Since I was a young girl, unfortunately my family didn't believe in my gift making it harder on me at times. My father was a firm believer that "it just cannot happen" "Its taboo!"

Although many times he would yell and fight me on how and why I could do what I do, truly believing it just wasn't right, now I am truly blessed to have him as one of my main spirit guides.
He passed away in 1995 yet it took him a few years to come forth and stay as a permanent guide, to which I am very grateful.

He is very powerful when he has something to say and sometimes extremely funny!

My other Spirit Guides are my loving Grandmother Dorothy and my devoted partner who unfortunately passed away in 1982 just 2 days after I lost our 7 month old unborn child. This was a very sad time but I know they are together and visit me often so I am very fortunate in that respect.

Over time I have sensed future events and have a highly developed sense of Intuition. I have grown up with an awesome sense of awareness and presented with many situations over my lifetime that would make others give up.

I believe the universe only gives out as much as it thinks you can handle, and what I have learned from that, is majority of all situations I have conquered, I did actually learn from that experience therefore, enables me to help any one of you through any tough situations.

My natural born gifts at times have been hard to live with due to the amount of skeptics that are on this earth, but I trust all that I do and all that I see and all that I hear.

I have the ability to feel the emotions of people around me and use my insight to offer guidance. Although I was always very aware of these gifts, I kept a lot of my abilities to myself when I was younger due to the amount of bullying that took place at the time of engaging others of these amazing gifts that I knew I should share to let others know what I could see and hear.

It took all my effort to keep these bullies at bay and come to the realisation that if no one wanted to hear what I had to offer or if they thought I was a witch then so be it - I can't say it was easy considering I had the backlash from my family as well but I kept going.
I may have laid low for a while but that was to obtain a better understanding from Spirit world and to awaken the Goddess in me to be able to connect clearer and concisely with Spirit and my Spirit Guides.

I was so intrigued with my own abilities to which made me aware to go and study more and learn more subjects and achieve a higher level of understanding the human brain and to be able to pass onto others in need.

I had been reading Tarot Cards for friends and some family for years and I found that doing readings for others not only assisted them on their paths, but helped me to bring a measure of purpose into my own life.

Today, I continue to explore my gifts, I continue to add different skills and expertise to my business!

I am honoured and blessed to have been asked to be part of the amazing Psychic TV Show 7 years ago now, and being able to give readings and guidance from Spirit live on TV is another level. This is aired on Foxtel, and via PTV Australia Facebook page and website.

We are in talks with free to air channel and will update you once confirmed.

I appear weekly on Saturday evening's. Stay tuned....

I generally post a copy of the show a day or so later on my Facebook pages:

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You are all welcome to come to my pages and connect with me.
Its also a great way to see all updated events and appearances and just keep connected.

I work within the energy fields from my clients and I have the treasured gift of if I can see and feel something from past like a past trauma or event I will bring it up in our session, not to be negative but to be aware of how if a little bit of the trauma is still inside us, our subconscious can run with it and it turns into a trigger to make us have repeat situations in life, however if we work on it we can release it from our system and understand it so much better. It is then that my other trained skills come into play.

I am able to then go through the healing process with my clients which I use so very well ........

(Acknowledge ~ Accept ~ Release)

This works amazingly and the client will feel the sense of closure and also feel how much of a burden it has been carrying that around for however long - This sense of release is necessary for you to move forward in your life - why?

It serves you no purpose !

My clients are then a lot calmer and we can go through many other situations in their life and they then have these tools for life.

I love to Empower others and teach them so they too have these tools for a lifetime.

I offer my time and compassion to many strangers that have become victims of Domestic Violence or a Victim of Crimes - it is my passion to also Empower these people and teach them strategies and give them tools to learn that they will come out the other side stronger than ever.

This is where my love of teaching how to kick in the Inner Warrior to give you strength and confidence to adapt to the situations when placed in difficult circumstances!

I will teach you how to switch her on inside "You!", to be able to conquer all situations you have been thrown in life.

Life situations will always arise but it is how we deal with them that matters.

I offer my time for community work with the NSW Police with Missing Persons and Cold cases - something very close to my heart and with success.

2020 - What an awesome way to start.......

I have been nominated for an award from "Institute of Women International" which is Worldwide in the "Fearless Woman of Inspiration" category...... Fearless Woman's Summit to be held at the Holiday Inn, Potts Point February 29th - where awards will be presented.

I am so very happy and grateful to have won and recieved this award - "2020 Fearless Woman of Inspiration"

"Australian Small Business Champions" selected Ms Tique Psychic Medium, Empowerment Coach & Holistic Counsellor as a "Finalist" for 2020 in the "Best Business Sole Trader" category - 3rd year running!

How extraordinary to be recognised in this elite field for the 3rd year!

So humbled and blessed with what I do and my achievements!

Winners were to be announced March 21 but has been deferred until August due to the lock down from the Coronavirus - but I will add when results are in!

2019 started off with a bang because in February I have been notified from "The Australian Small Business Champions" ~ Awarded Finalist in category: "Australian Small Business Champion - Sole Trader 2019 "
What an amazing honour and I am filled with excitement and gratitude and
"Thank you to all the people who have made this possible!" 2 years running and very proud.

"The Australian Small Business Champions" presented me with "Finalist" - "Australian Small Business Champion - New Business 2018"

"Altitude Awards 2019" Nominated and chosen "Finalist" in catagory "Pay It Forward/Unsung Hero Award"

Humbled and very grateful to have been chosen as a "Finalist" again in 2019 Northern Beaches Business Awards in the

"Most Outstanding Sole Trader Business 2019" and "Most Outstanding Business Person of the Year 2019" along with
"Most Outstanding Business on the Northern Beaches 2019"

Wow, 3 years running ! So Blessed! 3rd time lucky it seems............x

Gala Evening 9th July 2019 at Dee Why RSL Club and I was awarded "WINNER" Most Outstanding Sole Trader -
Northern Beaches 2019

So proud and so excited to win this award as recognition for my dedication and my passion doing what I love.

In October 2019 I have been awarded a Finalist in the Australian Optus My Business Awards for "The Most Outstanding Fitness & Well-Being Business of the year 2019!"

In 2018 I was awarded Finalist in the Northern Beaches Business Awards in the "Most Outstanding New Business"
category along with an amazingly very proud moment in becoming a Finalist as "Most Outstanding Business Person of the Year 2018"

December 2019 - Health4You - Awarded Winner number 1 Most Popular Health & Wellness Service in Dee Why Northern Beaches and 5th Most Popular Health & Wellness Service in Sydney NSW.

In October 2018 I have been awarded a Finalist in the Australian Optus My Business Awards for "The Most Outstanding Fitness & Well-Being Business of the year 2018!"

2017 I was nominated and became a Finalist in the Northern Beaches Business Awards for the "Most Outstanding New Business"

I am extremely proud of this achievement.

I wish to thank everyone that voted for me in this category!

It means the world to me that my clients think so highly of me!

I am very passionate in every aspect of my business Ms Tique, and with everything I do.

I have added Massages, Mariana Affordable luxury Jewellery (all hand made with Swarovski Crystals, Plus Size Lingerie and affiliation with Lovehoney, (Australia's number 1 site for sexual happiness), Yoni Health & Pleasure, Pure Fiji ~ all such divine products to help empower you and your worth. More affiliations with beautiful products will be coming available soon!

I am loving creating such an abundance of services and quality products into my Ms Tique Business!

I am very passionate about all I can do to Empower YOU !

Nothing is too hard to do, even with the weight on your shoulders and you think you cannot get out of situations or your stuck in crossroads, please allow me the opportunity to be able to help you address these and see a way clear for you to achieve and to be able to move forward with your life.

Your life is worth living to your fullest capacity !
Life is short - let's enjoy every moment we have !

My Psychic advice is delivered with honesty, integrity and compassion.

My Psychic predictions and readings are detailed, amazingly accurate, truthful and ethical.

Registered Member of "The International Psychic's Association"

For a truly amazing reading from a Psychic that has the knowledge and empathy of an angel contact Ms Tique -
you will be so glad you did!

I wish to advise that during these current trying times to many - I am open for business as usual, although it may be a little different to the normal I am bound by the Federal Government measures that are in place with social distancing and the like.
This just means that I can still have sessions but via "Apps" like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and mobile phones. It is still a one on one and my service are still delivered with passion and integrity - I will operate in which ever app you feel comfortable in using.
We are in this together and we will get through this - don't allow your fears to escalate.
Book your sessions in sooner rather than later.........
I am here to help....

I wish to thank Northern Beaches Business Awards for all your hard work in producing these amazing awards to showcase Small Businesses and encourage us all to be involved. I personally wish to express my gratitude for your coverage and your excitement in enhancing our lives. I am humbled and honoured to be part of something unique, exciting and I thank you again.

See you at the Awards Night!
Much love to all!
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