Greengables Children's Day Nursery
Early Childhood Centre
Randwick City
Greengables Children's Day Nursery
Early Childhood Centre
Randwick City
Greengables is a family owned long day care centre in Kingsford, operating for the past 28 years.

At Greengables we believe that families are the primary, most significant and influential educators of young children. We strongly value the role of the parents as a respected and supported member of the Greengables community.

We aim to create an environment that supports and strengthens family partnerships and collaborations. We participate in Community events such as collections, donations and volunteering throughout the year. Greengables hosts family events such as a welcome BBQ at our centre as well as bowling and picnics at community locations.

We believe that every child is unique, bringing to the learning environment an individual set of capabilities, interests and pre-dispositions.

Our learning environments are inviting, stimulating and intentionally organised in order to foster positive self-esteem, and catering for the unique needs of each individual child.

We believe children's learning and development is gradual, continuous as well as dynamic, complex and holistic.

By planning and designing learning experiences and an environment that reflects diversity, equality and inclusion children develop and enhance their own self-esteem and cultural identity.

At Greengables our daily practices and procedures are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and The National Quality Standards ensuring high expectations for children, educators and service providers, with the rights of the child being paramount. Providing a positive framework for children to become successful in life and learning.

"People coming together as a community, can make great things happen" Jacob Rees - Mogg