St George Montessori Long Day Care Centre
Early Childhood Centre
St George
St George Montessori Long Day Care Centre
Early Childhood Centre
St George
St George Montessori Early Learning Centre has been in operation since 2006. Our aim from day one has been to provide children with a high quality program and service by establishing strong relationships with our children, families and the wider community.

Here at St George Montessori Early Learning Centre we use the Montessori approach to learning founded by Dr Maria Montessori. Children learn through real life experiences and a huge variety of materials that are purposeful and designed for different areas of learning and development. Our curriculum is child initiated, play based and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework.

We value our educators, our children and their families as we have built warm, trusting relationships with everyone over the years. Our team are dedicated to providing a rich and stimulating program for children, one where they are encouraged to explore and enhance their natural abilities. Children’s voices as well as the voices of families are what guide our curriculum and daily practices.

Our classrooms are designed with real purposeful activities, to support the child’s learning. Children are constantly encouraged to freely explore their surroundings and to stimulate their learning by connecting with the natural world and growing into active members of the community. Our interactions, experiences, activities, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in our prepared environment, is designed to foster all children’s learning outcomes and wellbeing. Sustainability, recycling and repurposing are daily aspects of our practical life and provide the children with opportunities to encompass all areas of the natural world that can be transferred between home and our early learning centre with ease.