Fair Play OOSH (Aust)
Early Childhood Centre
Fair Play OOSH (Aust)
Early Childhood Centre
Pete and I wanted to give you an overview about our values, passion and drive that makes us who we are.

Fair Play OOSH is a locally owned and operated OOSH provider. We are driven by quality rather than quantity, aiming to be the best at what we do, without being the biggest.

Our programs are executed ensuring children are safe and supported. We understand each child is different, and aim to explore the interests, values and needs of each child within all areas of our service. We believe families deserve to receive value for their money whilst their children are able to learn, grow, play while making lifelong memories.

Our value to the community
• We continually support our local communities and schools, regardless of the number of enrolments or engagement we receive.
• Our staff attend and help-out with school activities, such as carnival’s, concerts, fundraisers, communions, etc. We attend not only to support our OOSH children but also to assist families that are unable to attend themselves.
• We offer our local schools the use of our private buses when needed, most often for events such as sporting excursions, musicals, etc.
• Our local communities know Fair Play OOSH (Aust) are willing to donate for any events they may be hosting.
• We buy from our local community, meat, bread, fruit and veg and offer adverting within our newsletters
• Community is everything to Pete and I, we consistently aim to support our local community
• We don’t believe we just own and operate an OOSH - we connect family’s & the community together whether it be by referrals to community services, sporting organisations, and family programs
• Although we are a private provider, we inject money not only into our programs, staff, resources but also the community both monetary and our time.

Some great work our staff at Fair Play OOSH (Aust) are doing or have done “Best Practice”
• Known to the department of education as quality and a game changer to the OOSH sector
• Fair Play OOSH Edgeworth rated Exceeding in the National Quality Standards at their recent Assessment & Rating visit
• Fair Play OOSH Anna Bay Rated Meeting in the National Quality Standards at their recent Assessment & Rating visit

• Breakfast club – to attract those children getting dropped off at school early. Children can come to OOSH have breakfast, have their hair done, freshen-up and go to school at a reasonable time while keeping the children safe for as little as 0.50c.
• All children are included and not excluded and not let any disability or diagnoses limit their participation while at OOSH
• We pick up children from home and take children back to their home daily x 16 children daily. This isn’t a common service but again we are helping the families, increasing school attendances and giving these children opportunities they may not get. This it at a cost to the service which we wouldn’t change.
• Giving our staff the tools, support and the commitment from us to succeed. Our staff are our number 1
• Donations back to our local school and community
• We work with a local nutritionist to ensure all our menus link with healthy eating guidelines
• Regular staff “Thank you” celebrations to ensure we are building, maintaining and supporting staff relationships
• Genuinely caring about our families outside of OOSH our staff’s passion just doesn’t stop
• Working with local organisation such as Mirabel and the Canopy to assist families who may need an extra hand.
• Pete and I value our staff, our staff are our number 1. We ensure our staff are given the tools & support to succeed by offering TAFE training, online professional development and having staff train and upskill our other staff through mentoring
• Our programming extends above and beyond, giving children lifelong memories and providing families a return on their childcare investment
• Our vacation care programs are engaging for each child, including activities such as Circuses, Catamaran cruises, Dolphin Watching, Gold Class movies, local shows, fishing trips and so much more.

Thank you for reading to the end, I hope you can feel from reading how passionate the team at Fair Play OOSH really are.
Pete & Bec