Pelotone-Sydney's Premier Indoor Cycle Studio
Fitness Services
Sydney Hills
Pelotone-Sydney's Premier Indoor Cycle Studio
Fitness Services
Sydney Hills
Shop 205, 14 Lexington Drive, BELLA VISTA, NSW, 2153
PELOTONE is Sydney's Premier Indoor Cycle Studio providing professional, fun and effective cycle & fitness training. We offer a wide variety of classes designed to suit all levels of fitness and experience, from beginners through to professional athletes. PELOTONE is focused on improving the fitness, weight management and wellbeing of all members of the PELOTONE community. We tailor our indoor rides/classes based on correct cycle technique and professional iQniter cardio based training for maximum physiological effect - endorsed by and in consultation with a leading sports and exercise physiologist. We use original music and put together powerful playlists aligned with world-class coaching, to help motivate you to your best!

We offer classes to suit all levels of fitness and experience, as well as being a serious training facility for road and track cyclists, mountain bikers, triathletes and sports enthusiasts. If you are new to indoor cycling or looking to incorporate cross training and full body - we introduced new COMBO classes in January 2016, exclusive to PELOTONE as a new initiative designed to continuously enhance our service offering to clients. These classes have proven very popular - Cycle+Yoga; Cycle+Punch and Cycle+Core. Combo classes are based on 30-mins of H.I.I.T based cycle with the addition of 30-mins of either Vinyasa Yoga; Punch/boxing or Core based floor work.

* Introductory Offer - First 2-classes FREE with our compliments.
* World class coaches
* Improve endurance, strength & speed to perform at your best.
* Xpress 35-minute option; 45-minute Pursuit; 60-min Combo (core/yoga or punch) and 60/90min Performance classes.
* Our Burn Board monitors your heart rate, energy consumption & the training effect of your ride.
* Full body workout. Low impact, strengthens and tones legs, butt, core and upper body.
* Performance classes target drills, power, aerobic fitness, endurance, VO/threshold/lactic tolerance rides & muscular endurance.
* We include Tabata and H.I.I.T in our XP and Combo classes to really help you get the most out of each and every minute.
* Individual ride report for each rider; use of a SUUNTO HR monitor & professional Shimano cycle shoes each ride - all included.
* Hang out space with energy snacks, fruit, infused water, magazines and sparkling conversation.
* Fully equipped washrooms complete with all the lotions and potions needed to feel great - hair products, body washes, moisturisers, facial scrubs; body scrubs; razor blades and shaving cream - and we provide you with the towel. All included in your class cost!
* Easy online booking system and smartphone application.

NB: Our Power training and functional threshold power testing facility was launched in May 2015. We also launched our Pelotone Multisport Team and increased our training schedule to incorporate swimming, running and strength/conditioning sessions specific to athletic and triathlete performance - available to all!


Pay As You Ride Pricing or Unlimited Memberships available - your choice, no pressure! No Membership or Joining fees.
Your first 2-classes are FREE with our compliments.